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VA Covers Tubal Reversal Surgery

tubal reversal surgery free to VA veterans

Benefits for Veterans

Tubal Reversal Surgery for Veterans

California IVF Fertility Center is contracted with Veterans Affairs to provide tubal ligation reversal surgery. Eligible veterans may undergo tubal reversal surgery at no cost to the veteran. This program was revised in 2017, and offers an excellent opportunity for veterans.

Individuals will be responsible for contacting the VA to determine their eligibility for the program. Authorization for the procedure may take some time. Contact information is available on the VA’s Community Care web page located here. IVF benefits may also be available.

Service Connected Disability Benefits

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for Service Connected Disabilities

The VA and Tricare have extended programs to offer IVF services to veterans with service connected disabilities. These programs have more stringent requirements than the tubal reversal surgery programs and potential patients are encouraged to contact to VA to learn more.

The best place to start is the VA’s IVF Website:

California IVF Fertility Center is contracted with the VA to provide IVF

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VA and Tricare Providers

California IVF Fertility Center is contracted with Tricare and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs to provide fertility services to eligible veterans, active duty, retired, and eligible dependents. Please contact our office for more assistance.

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Call us today to learn more about scheduling a tubal reversal procedure. We can answer questions about the procedure, scheduling, and financing options. Our staff members are not able to answer specific medical questions. Our surgeon will review your individual case and discuss your options and risks.


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