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California IVF Fertility Center

tubal reversal surgeon and fertility specialty with expericen

Dr. Ernest Zeringue MD

Dr. Ernest Zeringue is a reproductive specialist with over 25 years experience performing tubal ligation reversal surgeries. He is the founder and medical director of California IVF Fertility Center located in Sacramento California.

Team Members

Sylvia Macias

Surgery Coordinator and Billing Coordinator

Linda Goldsworth RN

Surgical Nurse and

IVF Coordinator

Terry Goldberg

Practice Administrator

Robert Sauls, CRNA

Nurse Anesthetist

Hardy Torcedo

Surgery Technician

Tubal Reversal at California IVF Sacramento

Surgical technicians assist the surgeon during a BTA

Our Center offers all forms of fertility testing and treatment including tubal reversal surgery.

California IVF Fertility Center is a private practice fertility center in Northern California that offers all forms of male and female infertility services. We have an operating room on site for reproductive surgeries including tubal reversal procedures and abdominal myomectomies. Surgeries are performed on an outpatient basis with anesthesia provided by licensed anesthesia staff and a full team of dedicated professionals. Our surgery center is accredited and located within our own fertility center. This allows us to offer an affordable package price for the tubal reversal surgery.