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Essure Removal

Essure is an implantable device that is placed inside the uterus through a hysteroscopic procedure. The device is made of a metal coil that surrounds a special blend of fibers that are designed to promote scar tissue formation in the Fallopian tube. The natural folds of the Fallopian tube grow into the coil and the tube scars closed. Removal of Essure devices can be difficult and risk leaving behind fibers and pieces of the metal coil. It is very unlikely that the natural folds of the tube will be restored even if the device is successfully removed.

California IVF Fertility Center Does Not Offer Essure Removal

Because the Fallopian tube folds grow into the Essure device and the device becomes embedded into the tubal walls, removing the metal coils will generally not restore the tubes back to their normal state. The tubes will have a very high risk of scarring closed and the risk of ectopic pregnancy will remain high. Patients are encouraged to be cautious with surgeons and centers that promise to restore fertility as opposed to simply removing the metal devices. California IVF does not offer Essure removal and our doctor would strongly advise patients with an Essure procedure to consider IVF if they desire fertility.

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