Tubal Ligation Reversal

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What is a Tubal Ligation?

A bilateral tubal anastomosis, or BTA, is also known as a tubal reversal.  A woman who has had a previous tubal ligation by clips, rings, or burning may be a candidate for a tubal reanastomosis surgery. 

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Meet your Surgeon

Ernest J. Zeringue M.D. (zerang) is an infertility specialist and founder of California IVF Fertility Center.  Dr. Zeringue has extensive experience performing tubal reversals.  While serving in the Air Force, Dr. Zeringue performed tubal reversals on women from across the United States and even overseas.


Tubal reversal surgery involves a surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and a surgical suite. These cost can vary greatly from place to place. Dr. Zeringue offers very competitive pricing. Financing options are also available. Please contact the clinic with any questions related to costs.

In Vitro Fertilization

In vitro fertilization or IVF is an alternative to a tubal ligation reversal. We can discuss the advantages and disadvantages when considering IVF vs a tubal ligation reversal or tubal anastomosis.

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High Success Rates

Dr. Zeringue’s perfected technique results in a very high success rate for both completion of surgery and subsequent tubal reversal pregnancy rates.

25 Years of Experience

Dr. Zeringue preformed his first tubal reversal surgery in 1994. You only have one chance to have your surgery done right. Trust someone with years of experience.

Outpatient Procedure

Our practice has developed a unique technique of doing outpatient tubal ligation reversals that minimizes post-op discomfort.  Outpatient surgery is more affordable than hospitals.

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