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Tubal Reversal Surgery

Welcome to Here you will find information about tubal reversal surgery and in vitro fertilization. Before making any decision you should carefully weigh all of your alternatives. The navigation bar above will take you through the various things to consider when preparing for tubal reversal surgery. Dr. Zeringue (pronounced Zerang), has extensive experience in tubal reversals. You can learn more about him under the info section.

Whenever someone considers tubal reversal surgery, it is important to evaluate male and female factors that may affect your success with a tubal reversal procedure. IVF should be carefully considered as an alternative to tubal reversal surgery. In some cases, IVF will present a better option. Be certain to discuss both options in detail before deciding which option is right for you.

Tubal reversal surgery can usually be performed in an outpatient setting. Most women are able to go home the same day and slowly start to resume activities the day after surgery. Advances in pain management and the use of specialized techniques will help to minimize post operative pain. Details about tubal reversal surgery can be found on the Surgery page.

Our center has experience working with couples from out of town. Davis California is located near Sacramento. We are easily reached by airports in the Sacramento and Bay Areas (to include San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose). Our location is also very convenient to those living in our surrounding communities of Dixon, Vacaville, Fairfield, Woodland, Vallejo, Napa, Lodi, and Roseville. We are ready and capable to serve patients from across Northern California or anywhere in the US. We will gladly assist you in coordinating your travel and lodging. For more information on tubal reversal costs, please see our pricing page.

Our professional staff create a friendly and welcoming environment. The team is dedicated to helping you grow your family. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on how to schedule an appointment. We offer free telephone consultations with Dr. Zeringue to answer many of your questions about the surgery.

Dr. Zeringue operates California IVF: Davis Fertility Center, Inc. This clinic specializes in advanced fertility treatments and has established excellent pregnancy rates.

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